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7058 W. Elmhurst Ave Littleton, CO 80128

A Natural And Safe Way To Identify And Eliminate Allergies Including Food Sensitivities

A homeopathic allergy test kit vials of substances is combined with Kinesiology (muscle testing) to determine the sensitivities or allergies in the individual. Once determined, the sensitivities are cleared using breathing techniques and tapping. Once cleared the patient is required to stay away from the substances causing the sensitivities for a specific amount of time. After that a re-testing is done to insure the allergies have been illuminated. If a negative result is achieved, the patient may introduce the offending substances gradually. These substances range from food to typical offenders, like dogs, cats and house dust, as well as substances the patient may not even be aware of. By discovering and treating your allergies, you can dramatically improve your overall health.

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